To Book a Bill’s List Artist, please see our Bookings Page.

Actors, Actresses, Voice Artists, Models, Musicians, Photographers, Authors, Screenwriters and others, note that you’ll be taken to the Action Confirmation Page (where you can leave a comment if you so desire) once you’ve completed any of the forms below to request to be added to Bill’s List of Extraordinary Talent.

  1. Actor Action Form
  2. Actress Action Form
  3. Author Action Form
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  7. Musician Action Form
  8. Photographer Action Form
  9. Screenwriter Action Form
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  11. Talent Scout Action Form

As noted elsewhere, it’s important you understand the Terms of Service before signing up (to sum up the TOS, I earn 20% of whatever you make through Bill’s List; you get the rest [80%] within 5 days). Also note that you’re expected to actively promote yourself and your listing on Bill’s List on social media and elsewhere (see the Bill’s List postings above for examples of how strongly some Bill’s List artists self-promote / are promoted). Per the TOS, these promotion efforts extend to the Oscars etc. (now’s the time to work a shout-out to Bill into that acceptance speech you’ve been working on since you were a kid).

Finally, note that it’s perfectly fine to complete multiple forms in any combination (actress + model forms, model + scout forms, etc.) and required as necessary to get all needed info.

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  1. Tshepang

    Im an actor ,model,dancer and choreographer …I work hard for my success and I would like to expand my talents

  2. Keaboka

    I’m a talented model and actor, always willing to learn new things and expand my talents

  3. Bill

    Keep the comments coming…

  4. Weyham stage da Lion King

    Am weyham stage a musician from Nigeria am age 20 I do afro sound and am looking for a record label deal anywhere.

  5. annastacia yona

    6 am anastasia yona model and musician from South Africa am aged 20 I do rnb and hip hop I write my own music and am looking for a record deal in South Africa

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