According to, the countries with the most beautiful women are ranked below. Note that this list is based on countries’ beauty pageant performances and is therefore not entirely scientific > some countries might be stronger or weaker contenders because of economic pressures on young women to compete in pageants, societal pressures against competing in pageants, etc. (for example, you won’t see Iceland or Sweden anywhere on this Top 20 list, and, in addition to consideration of the strong tradition of beauty pageants in Latin America, it’s probably no coincidence that economically ravaged Venezuela is at the top).

However, for purposes of Bill’s List in terms of recruiting by scouts and others, this particular list is a good starting point, as women inclined to participate in beauty pageants are probably also inclined to be interested in acting, modeling, singing, etc.

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  1. Venezuela
  2. Philippines
  3. Mexico
  4. South Africa
  5. Vietnam
  6. Thailand
  7. Puerto Rico
  8. Indonesia
  9. Colombia
  10. USA
  11. Nepal
  12. Romania
  13. Japan
  14. Poland
  15. Brazil
  16. Australia
  17. Jamaica
  18. Belarus
  19. Austria
  20. The Netherlands

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