Time for Video Exchange Forum

Time for Video (TFV) is an arrangement between Actors, Producers and Directors whereby the Producer or Director agrees to provide the Actor with video free of charge in exchange for the Actor’s time (the Actor also provides his or her services free of charge).

By means of this arrangement the Actor can build a portfolio to show to Producers and Directors and the Producer gets an Actor for his or her own Production at no cost.

Actors, Producers and Directors, sign up for this forum today!

Bill’s List Actors & Models Open to Time for Video:

  1. Philip King > UK-based “King’s Voice” Voice Artist
  2. Marc Forget > Hollywood-based French Canadian Actor
  3. Bryan Kent > Los Angeles-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  4. Nur Hazratul Ida > Johor Bahru, Malaysia-based Model
  5. Bhanita Das > India-based Actress with Formal Training
  6. Victor Centofanti > Florida-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  7. Lucciana Yazigi > Dubai-based Model & Actress

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