Time for Video (TFV) Videography Shoot Exchange Forum

(Note Time for Video is separate from the Bill’s List Time for Print section)

Time for Video (TFV) is an arrangement between Actors, Producers and Directors whereby the Producer or Director agrees to provide the Actor with video free of charge in exchange for the Actor’s time (the Actor also provides his or her services free of charge).

By means of this arrangement the Actor can build a portfolio to show to Producers and Directors and the Producer gets an Actor for his or her own Production at no cost.

Also note that Makeup Artists and Hairdressers willing to provide their services on a Time for Makeup (TFM) / Time for Hair (TFH) basis to build their own portfolios will be listed here.

Actors, Producers and Directors, sign up for this forum today!

Bill’s List Actors & Models Open to Time for Video:

  1. Maria Bekheet > Midwest-based Experienced Teenage Actress & Model
  2. Benedetta Bonetti > Multilingual Italian Actress with Formal Training
  3. Emily Dinova > New York-based Writer, Actor, Director and Producer
  4. Jazmyn Lyric > Los Angeles, California-based Actress
  5. Yvette Ardelean > Chicago-based Experienced Actress & Model
  6. Kristen Zubasic > East Coast-based Actress with Extensive Experience & Training
  7. Nicole Carothers > Midwest USA-based Model & Brand Ambassador
  8. Farah Delgado > Formally Trained Florida-based TV & Film Actress
  9. Adina Naraine > Toronto, Canada-based Model
  10. Maggie May Gregorash > Canadian Actress with Formal Training
  11. Jasmine Mariah Stiff > Texas-based Actress
  12. Armen Greyg > International Award-Winning Ukrainian Actor
  13. Peter Hodgins > Experienced Canadian Actor, Model & Cinematographer
  14. Annastacia Yona > South Africa-based Model & Rapper
  15. Philip King > UK-based “King’s Voice” Voice Artist
  16. Marc Forget > Hollywood-based French Canadian Actor
  17. Bryan Kent > Los Angeles-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  18. Janja Hostnik > Dubai-based Model & Actress
  19. Nur Hazratul Ida > Johor Bahru, Malaysia-based Model
  20. Bhanita Das > India-based Actress with Formal Training
  21. Victor Centofanti > Florida-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  22. Lucciana Yazigi > Dubai-based Model & Actress
  23. Renee Graham > Virginia-based Actress

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