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Bill’s List is taking on Talent Scouts to help me discover hidden gems (or even diamonds in the rough) throughout the world! Long story short, I take 20% of any earnings talented Actors, Actresses, Voice Artists, Models, Photographers, Musicians, Athletes, Authors, Screenwriters and others earn through Bill’s List, and I’m willing to split those earnings 50/50 with the Scout who discovered that talent for me (in other words, you’ll earn 10% of the Bill’s List earnings of an Artist you originally discovered).

For example, if you discover the next Taylor Swift (who earned $185 million last year), that artist indeed signs up through Bill’s List, and a record producer in turn discovers that talented artist on the Bill’s List website, you’ll earn 10% of that $185 million (i.e., $18.5 million).

Note, that to get proper credit and earnings, you’ll need to 1) sign up as a Scout via the Bill’s List Scout Action Form and 2) keep me updated on the talent you’ve recently discovered, regardless of whether that talent has actually signed up through the site (just as a friendly pointer, Bill wasn’t born yesterday > without this system, random “Scouts” could just troll the Bill’s List website for new additions, then claim retroactively that they’re the ones who persuaded that new artist to sign up for Bill’s List). It’s also a good idea to properly document your interactions with potential recruits in real time (email yourself notes, take videos, document communications with talent while keeping in mind good taste and privacy laws, etc.). By the same token, once you become a Scout actively recruiting for Bill’s List, it’s a good idea to regularly surf the site’s listings for any artists who signed up for the site and neglected to mention your name (“I was recruited by” fields will soon be added to the Artist Action Forms).

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