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Because Fame is a Zero Sum Game

Bill’s List is coming back! Google “jeremy irons agent” and/or “jeremy irons agency” for just the latest examples of how Bill’s List works to get Artists in front of the right eyes!

To join the below list of worldwide talented Artists seeking Work and Representation (ActorsActressesVoice Artists, ModelsMusiciansPhotographersAuthors, Screenwriters and others), fill out one of the Artist Action Forms. To become a Bill’s List Talent Scout fill out the Scout Action Form (yes, you can sign up in more than one category). To book a Bill’s List Artist, email bill@wrhammons.com or use the Book Now! form.

Bill Hammons of Bill’s List welcomes all visitors to his website
Third Eye Blind Songwriter, Singer & Guitarist Stephan Jenkins in Official Band Image by Bill's List Photographer Rudy Arias
Bill’s List Photographer Rudy Arias Official Third Eye Blind Image

Bill’s Top 40+ Talent:

  1. Marc Forget > Hollywood-based French Canadian Actor
  2. Maria Bekheet > Midwest-based Experienced Teenage Actress & Model
  3. Armen Greyg > International Award-Winning Ukrainian Actor
  4. Yvette Ardelean > Chicago-based Experienced Actress & Model
  5. Kimberley Parker > London-based Voice Artist
  6. Emily Dinova > New York-based Writer, Actor, Director and Producer
  7. Jazmyn Lyric > Los Angeles, California-based Actress
  8. Nicole Carothers > Midwest USA-based Model & Brand Ambassador
  9. Benedetta Bonetti > Multilingual Italian Actress with Formal Training
  10. Boom Patty T > Toronto-based Thai Actress With Extensive Experience
  11. Kristen Zubasic > East Coast-based Actress with Extensive Experience & Training
  12. Farah Delgado > Formally Trained Florida-based TV & Film Actress
  13. Adina Naraine > Toronto, Canada-based Model
  14. Maggie May Gregorash > Canadian Actress with Formal Training
  15. Jasmine Mariah Stiff > Texas-based Actress
  16. Peter Hodgins > Experienced Canadian Actor, Model & Cinematographer
  17. Brittany Barber > Missouri-based Model
  18. Ian Russell > One Voice Nominee British Voice Artist
  19. Tim Bick > One Voice Nominee British Voice Artist
  20. Janja Hostnik > Dubai-based Model & Actress
  21. Annastacia Yona > South Africa-based Model & Rapper
  22. Marion Davies > Sierra Leone-based Model
  23. Rudy Arias > Fashion Editorial & Music Photographer (Work sample pictured above)
  24. Dallas Freeman > US-based Versatile Voice Artist
  25. Paul Mclaughlin > British, US & Australian Voice Artist
  26. Philip King > UK-based “King’s Voice” Voice Artist
  27. Sydney-based Wedding, Maternity & Family Photographer Michele Correa
  28. Brittany Lauren Fernandez > Florida-based Actress
  29. Elizabeth Jobling > London-based Voice Artist
  30. Courtney Poe > Experienced Television Actress
  31. Nur Hazratul Ida > Johor Bahru, Malaysia-based Model
  32. Michael Trainor > Author of Priez Pour Lui
  33. Steven Rhye > Piano and Vocals
  34. Bryan Kent > Los Angeles-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  35. Lucciana Yazigi > Dubai-based Model & Actress
  36. Mike Fotowerks > Vancouver-based Couture Photographer
  37. Eva Russell > Teenage British Voice Artist
  38. Bhanita Das > India-based Actress with Formal Training
  39. Dora T > Vienna, Austria-based Model
  40. W.R. Hammons > Fiction + Nonfiction Author & Bill’s List Proprietor

Complete Bill’s List of 61 Artists Open to Work & Representation:

And why would the above Artists want to be listed on Bill’s List? Well, see the graph below as proof of the 17,000 visitors a day this website has received in the past!

Statistics for wrhammons.com (the Bill’s List website), which has received over 17,000 visitors on a daily basis & will again

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