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Third Eye Blind Songwriter, Singer & Guitarist Stephan Jenkins in Official Band Image by Bill's List Photographer Rudy Arias
Bill’s List Photographer Rudy Arias Official Third Eye Blind Image

Bill’s Top 40+ Talent:

  1. Hollywood-based French Canadian Actor Marc Forget
  2. Ian Russell > One Voice Nominee British Voice Artist
  3. One Voice Nominee British Voice Artist Tim Bick
  4. Rudy Arias > Fashion Editorial & Music Photographer (Work sample pictured above)
  5. US-based Versatile Voice Artist Dallas Freeman
  6. British, US & Australian Voice Artist Paul Mclaughlin
  7. UK-based “King’s Voice” Voice Artist Philip King
  8. Sydney-based Wedding, Maternity & Family Photographer Michele Correa
  9. Florida-based Actress Brittany Lauren Fernandez
  10. London-based Voice Artist Elizabeth Jobling
  11. Courtney Poe > Experienced Television Actress
  12. Michael Trainor > Author of Priez Pour Lui
  13. Steven Rhye > Piano and Vocals
  14. Bryan Kent > Los Angeles-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  15. Victor Centofanti > Florida-based Actor with Extensive Formal Training
  16. Lucciana Yazigi > Dubai-based Model & Actress
  17. Teenage British Voice Artist Eva Russell
  18. Bhanita Das > India-based Actress with Formal Training
  19. Klarissa Jura > German-based Romanian Actress and Model
  20. Vancouver-based Thai Actress Boom Patty T
  21. Vancouver-based Photographer Mike Fotowerks
  22. Vienna, Austria-based Model Dora T
  23. Nathaniel Tharp > American Model
  24. Colorado-based Model Diana Roque
  25. Los Angeles-based Actor Lamar Sol
  26. English Actor and Screenwriter Ben Kirby
  27. Texas-based Actress Jasmine Mariah Stiff
  28. Australian Actor & Model David Duncan
  29. LA-based Italian Actress Valentina Nesi
  30. Vancouver-based Actor, Director, Photographer & Producer Owen Thomas
  31. Vegas-based Actor & Bass Player Colin Ward
  32. UK-based Model Emilija Naprusyte
  33. DFW-based Model Sarah Ventimiglia
  34. American Actor Caleb Penland
  35. American Actor John Merical
  36. New York-based American Band Lawrence Rush & Underground Harmony
  37. Composer and Executive Producer Blair Sangeet Constance
  38. Latin Pop Duo Serene&Salinas
  39. Uttar Pradesh, India Actor Ishan Kumar
  40. W.R. Hammons > Bill’s List Proprietor & Fiction Author

Bill’s List covers the globe! Above are Dora T of Vienna, Marc Forget (French Canadian Actor in an Appearance with Conan O’Brien) and Lucciana Yazigi of Dubai

Click here for the Complete Bill’s List of 41 Artists

(19 Actors, 7 Voice Artists, 6 Models, 3 Photographers, 2 Bands, 2 Authors, 1 Solo Musician & 1 Producer)

And why would the above Artists want to be listed on Bill’s List? Well, see the graph below as proof of the 17,000 visitors a day this website has received in the past!

Statistics for wrhammons.com (the Bill’s List website), which has received over 17,000 visitors on a daily basis & will again

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